One mom’s dream and desire to create designs that speak from the heart gave birth to a company that we call our home. From fashion design to interior design, she used all her senses to pick out the best fabrics and materials and then create extraordinary things. Traveling the globe from country to country carefully selecting furniture items, décor pieces, wallpaper, art, fabrics, and the list goes on. We felt, smelled, heard and tasted everything from beverages and food to furniture and tiles. Understanding, not only every aspect of design but also our basic human emotions and sense, and then how all of those pieces fit together. This is key to creating unique spaces and awakening our clients’ deepest and happiest feelings.


We source only genuine European home décor products that are made only of 100% European materials. Some of our products include (but definitely not limited to only these) are:
Fashion Brand Wallpaper such as Roberto Cavalli, GF Ferre, Missoni – Made in ITALY
High quality natural linen wallcovering where the linen is sourced locally – Made in SWEDEN
Alexia Peck handmade natural wax candles – Made in ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM
Luxury mirrors artistically designed and skillfully crafted of the highest quality materials – Made in BELGIUM


Although we’ve been in design for over two decades, we first opened our doors as a retailer and distributor in 2011. First starting with window décor products such as drapery, see-thru curtains, blinds, curtain rods, hooks, and more to now a full assortment of interior furnishings.


We are located in the heart of Toronto, Ontario in Canada but we serve clients worldwide with free shipping to many destinations.