Our fully customizable wallpapers can be tailored to your needs in size, backing, colour, or even the design itself. If you don't find what you're looking for among the patters and designs we have available, send us a high resolution image of what you'd like to have on your wall and we'll create it on one of the four available supports. If you take a picture of your actual wall, we will be happy to digitally render a simulation of the wallpaper on your wall.

The following support "paper" options each have their specific characteristics which vary in style as well as cost, depending on the application location and purpose. It is recommended that the end client familiarize themselves with the varying options, and ask questions or request samples of the supports desired.


The support skin is a technical paper with a smooth surface that allows the reproduction of bright colors and very fine detailed texture design. Also, it uses SD technology for the graphic realization and the high resolution of digital printing.


This natural support in cellulose fiber-based, PVC-free and without chemical solvents. It comes with all certifications required for application in private and public locations. The support is white, embossed and thick, with a stucco effect. Moreover, this support guarantees photographic-quality images, with extremely bright and vivid colours.


Our H2O Wallpaper is a special wallpaper made of fiberglass, enabling the application in the most humid environments including bathrooms as well as internal part of the showers. The exclusive SD technology used for the graphic realization and the high resolution of the digital printing perform a wide chromatic range of color with stunning decorative effects.


Only a few millimeters thick and digitally printed in high resolution. As a result of an accurate study of materials, Soundproof is an innovative support that can be applied both to walls and ceilings. Its particular structure obstructs the passage of sound waves and allows:

  • the absorption of noises and sounds, which are softened both from the outside toward the inside of the environment and vice versa;
  • the decrease of the echo and reverberation effects into the room, making it easier to concentrate for the people working or studying inside;
  • the acoustic isolation even in environments that are characterized by lack of space, as an efficient and thin support.

Therefore, Soundproof can be successfully applied not only in offices and private homes, but also in public environments such as bars, restaurants, hospitals, medical clinics, halls, waiting rooms, and in every space where noise absorption is necessary.