Sheepskin is not only one of the softest and most beautiful items to accent a home, but it is one of the healthiest as well. In order to enjoy your brand new luxurious sheepskin, we want to bring your attention to a few tips and tricks that will help you care for your new piece(s).
Rug fibers flatten down when packed. After receiving your rug give it a good shake to awaken and lift the wool fibers. To maintain the look and feel of your new rug, it is advisable to make shaking and brushing your rug a regular practice. All natural rugs tend to shed when new, this is quite normal and will decrease over a couple of weeks.
Natural sheepskins can be gently hand washed using a mild wool soap.
Coloured sheepskins should always be professionally dry cleaned. After washing, the wool may revert back to its natural curly state. You can help restore the fluffy appearance by brushing the wool with a wire wool brush while it is wet and again when it is dry.

Always dry naturally by laying the entire rug across a drying rack to allow air to flow freely. Do not place the rug on any direct heat source, keep away from direct sunlight as it may discolour the rug. The rug will take a couple of days to completely dry.

DO NOT: tumble dry, dry on a radiator, use bleach, wash in hot water. Pelts get very heavy when washed and may tear. We recommend that you have rugs consisting of more than one pelt dry cleaned.


To clean your Icelandic sheepskin we advise you use hand wash liquid soap, water and a clean cloth. Mix the liquid with water to create the foam/froth. Use this foam with a clean cloth to rub away any stains. Note: do not use much water. Lay the skin flat on the ground and leave to dry naturally.


Cowhides are best used in domestic home environments. You can use the rug in your home’s indoor entrance way but it will show wear more quickly. The sun also takes a toll on all fabrics therefore, we recommend keeping the dyed and printed hides out of direct sunlight to avoid any possible fading.

We advise you not to put your cowhide in the washer, immerse it in water, or have it dry cleaned. Remove solid messes or spills with a solid edged spatula or utensil and blot or wipe away the rest. You can wipe cowhides smoothly in the direction of the hair with a damp (but not wet) cloth with mild soap (non alkaline like shampoo) and water.


Reindeer hides should not be placed on or near direct heat. You should make every effort to avoid stepping, sitting, or walking on the hide to prevent shedding. Pets love warm and fluffy materials, but we advise you to keep them away from these hides in order to prevent damage to the hide. If you take good care and look after your Reindeer hide it will last for many years.


If you are worried about allergies, Icelandic breeds of sheepskin may be a better option. Due to the wool properties, people who are normally allergic to sheep wool are not allergic to the Icelandic variety. However, this is not a rule and precaution should be taken with all individuals who exhibit any type of allergies to fur, wool, or pet hair.


This may sound unpleasant, but wait until the food or mud has dried up then simply brush it out. It is much easier to remove when dry. CHEWING GUM if you have a freezer big enough put it in. If not put a freeze pack on it. When the gum has frozen it is easy to peel off.